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What is included?2022-04-10T18:10:36+00:00

Vanity, vanity faucet, shower faucet, bathtub, toilet, floor and wall tiles, towel bar, mirror, sconce light, and paint (in other words, everything needed for a stunning new bathroom) are included! Of course, we also include all labour and construction materials (drywall, waterproofing, screws, glues, mortars, plaster, etc.).

Does it matter how big my bathroom is?2022-03-28T16:58:47+00:00

We don’t want to confuse you, so here’s a simple answer. If you’ve got a standard bathroom (one sink, one toilet, one shower or bathtub), your bathroom will likely qualify. If you’ve got more than 3 plumbing fixtures, contact us to discuss.

Technically, your bathroom should be no larger than 50 sq. ft. To qualify for our 10K bathroom.

Will I have to invest time into searching for my tiles and fixtures?2022-04-10T18:14:21+00:00

Because we are not a cookie-cutter remodeler, there is some time required on your end in choosing all your finishes — but that’s part of what makes the process fun and exciting! We love having our clients involved!

All our supplies are highly reputable, with both showrooms and websites for easy browsing. All you have to do is pull up your Pinterest board and have fun making your dream choices and compiling a list for us. We then do all the hard work of purchasing and delivering your items to you.

Who buys and orders all the materials?2022-03-01T13:48:02+00:00

We do! Unless we’ve discussed and agreed upon something else that works better for you. There are no “hard rules” here!

How long before I can use my new bathroom?2022-02-24T17:36:35+00:00

In a majority of cases, we show up on Monday and are done by Friday, which means you’re back in your new bathroom by Saturday!

If there are extenuating circumstances and a longer renovation time is needed, you will be advised of this before the start of your project.

How accurate are your estimates, and what extra charges can I expect when the project is complete?2022-02-24T17:36:55+00:00

Our estimates are 100% accurate and there will NEVER be any surprise costs or fees once your renovation is completed.

If there are any unexpected circumstances that come with additional costs (highly unlikely), no extra work will be performed without notifying you and obtaining written consent signed by both parties.

What’s the catch?2022-02-24T17:37:50+00:00

There’s no catch! We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our 10K Bathroom system. The system we’ve created allows us to complete a beautiful, high-quality renovation of your bathroom within a week for $10,000!

How does the warranty work?2022-04-10T18:16:06+00:00

To read all about how our 3-year-automatic-warranty and 10-year-warranty-opt-in programs work and what they cover, please visit our warranty page.

I already have all my materials, can you still help?2022-02-24T17:39:27+00:00

Absolutely, we are happy to work on a labour-only basis.

I want more done in my bathroom, I’ve got a vision, can you still help?2022-03-28T16:57:58+00:00

We sure can, we provide a number of additional bathroom services.


Please contact us to book an estimate and to inquire about the
needs for your specific bathroom remodelling project!
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