Already have materials purchased? Fallen in love with something special that you just can’t get your mind off of? Not to worry – we have you covered. Our goal is to make your visions come to life, whatever they may be.

This is why we are proud to offer labour-only services. Providing unparalleled service is where it all started – so we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty! We will be more than happy to work on a labour only basis.

If you have your eye on something but haven’t purchased yet, make sure to contact us first! We will do our best to source it out for you through one of our suppliers and pass our discounts on to you.

What’s Included?

You’re not completely alone if you choose to go labour-only; our service will still include the following materials and complimentary services on us:
  1. Plumbing Supplies (Copper or Pex Pipes, ABS or Copper Drains, Shower Drains)
  2. Structural Lumber
  3. Shower Membranes and Slope Mixes
  4. Drywall
  5. Plaster
  6. Tape
  7. Screws
  8. Redgard Waterproofing
  9. Silicones
  10. All Tile Setting Compounds
  11. Tile Edge Trims
  12. Garbage Removal


Please contact us to book an estimate and to inquire about the
needs for your specific bathroom remodelling project!